Victor has been through a number of changes over the past 9 years, always with an eye on what was current and happening in the culinary scene of Toronto. We feel that this new direction is one of longevity, a blend between the great American taverns and traditional bistro/brasseries that continue to stand the test of time. We are really catering to our hotel guests and our local neighbourhood, with very accessible dishes that appeal to everyone, while still maintaining the highest quality ingredients and cooking techniques.

Looking forward our patrons can expect a more casual approach to our food with a strong focus on flavour and accessibility. My goal is to make Victor not only a great hotel restaurant that caters to guests who want a little comfort food after a day of travelling and also make it a familiar neighbourhood spot where you can come in after work, relax, have a great meal and a glass of wine. I’m extremely happy to be part of the new direction here at Victor.
— Chef Lanny McLeod